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In September, I will send you a maple leaf to show my sincerity and gratitude to you, to help you with your hard workSeptember Newport Cigarettes, the autumn season, September, the fruitful season. But all this is Ye Zhiqiu. The autumn leaves are golden and heavy, and the pieces are deep and deep, and the pieces are precious. Your footsteps echo in a classroom, your figure comes to every place that needs you, pick a red maple leaf, and hold it to you because you have so many similar places with it in spring and summer, and Like other leaves, it struggles green, adding a touch of life to the spring, releasing a refreshing refreshment for summer. At this time, it is willing to pay for the quiet and silent, in the jungle, it is just an ordinary leaf. Rectangular classroom rectangular podium, as well as the same square table and chair, in this boxed space, you do the same work day after day. There is no warm applause in your work, no fragrant flowers, only the flying chalk and the questions that can never be solved. Usually you are used to silence, because you have to prepare lessons carefully, you can't slack off Marlboro Lights, because this is your career, and it is the peach and plum that you cultivated with sweat. You are so silently paying, just an ordinary fall in the masses, and the inevitable coming between them. At this time all the leaves have run out of vitality, they also confessed to death, in the autumn wind helpless fall, the original green is no longer, only the outline of the dry. At this time, the maple leaf, which made the last effort, burned itself, adding a touch of warmth to the desolate autumn. In this way, at the last moment of life, it is still glamorous, and then with the regret of his innocent life, the spring mud to protect the flowers. You are not like this. In September, I will give you the red maple leaf, which is the brilliance of your life. In September, I would like to thank you sincerely Cigarettes For Sale, this is your necessary gift; in September, I will give you the most sincerity. Blessing, may you be healthy, work well, and the world is full of peaches
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