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4. Pursuing all-round diplomacy to build a global network ofpartnerships. With the vision and strategic thinking of anoutstanding statesman and strategist Women's Jake Butt Jersey , General Secretary Xi Jinpinghas laid out an overarching plan for conducting China's externalwork. To this end, he has made vigorous efforts himself to visitvarious countries across the five continents and majororganizations of regional and international cooperation. Duringthese visits, General Secretary Xi Jinping engaged fully withforeign leaders, public figures and ordinary people. By citingtouching examples of China's win-win cooperation with othercountries and people-to-people friendship, he stressed the need forall countries and peoples to forge partnerships in pursuing ashared bright future. Since the 18th Party Congress Women's Chad Kelly Jersey , China hasfully advanced its friendly relations with other countries, withneighboring countries and major countries being the priority ofthis pursuit, other developing countries serving as its foundation,and multilateral settings as its platform. We have deepenedpractical cooperation, enhanced mutual political trust Women's Brendan Langley Jersey , garneredpopular support and improved institution building for thisendeavor. China has boosted its all-round, wide-ranging andmulti-tiered external exchanges, and China's circle of friends hascovered the whole world.

5. Pursuing a new round of opening-up featuring the Belt andRoad Initiative. Based on a keen appreciation of new dynamics inChina's internal and external environment, General Secretary XiJinping put forward the Belt and Road Initiative (the Silk RoadEconomic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road). Thisinitiative aims to further advance China's opening-up and shareChina's development opportunities with other countries, and it willinject strong impetus into global development. Over the past fouryears since it was launched Women's Carlos Henderson Jersey , the Belt and Road Initiative has beentranslated into action and delivered concrete outcomes. As a matterof fact, it has developed into an open and inclusive platform ofinternational cooperation and a widely-welcomed public good for theglobal community. Over 100 countries and internationalorganization s have expressed support for or participated in theinitiative, and many landmark projects with wide impact have beenlaunched. The complementarity between China's development strategyand those of many other countries has been enhanced and fastprogress has been made in scaling up infrastructural connectivity.China has recently hosted a successful and productive Belt and RoadForum for International Cooperation, creating more momentum forjointly pursuing the Belt and Road Initiative.

6. Demonstrating China's resolve to uphold its sovereignty andsecurity interests. General Secretary Xi Jinping has unequivocallystated that China stays committed to peaceful development. Chinadoes not covet the rights and interests of other countries.Meanwhile, it will never give up its legitimate rights andinterests. No country should ever expect China to trade off itscore interests or swallow the bitter fruit that undermines itssovereignty Women's Demarcus Walker Jersey , security and development interests. This is what wesay, and also what we do. Since the 18th Party Congress, we haveparticularly staked out our positions on Taiwan, the South ChinaSea and other issues concerning China's major core interests. Wehave drawn a clear line of what is unacceptable, and actedforcefully to defend our core interests as well as legitimaterights. All this has greatly boosted the morale of the Party Women's Garett Bolles Jersey , themilitary and the general public and won international respect.

7. Exploring new approach to and practice of global governance.General Secretary Xi Jinping has tapped into the rich heritage ofgovernance philosophy and wisdom unique to Chinese culture that isrelevant today and given full expression to the shared aspirationsof both the Chinese people and the people around the world. Inresponse to major issues and challenges confronting globalgovernance, General Secretary Xi Jinping has put forth a series ofnew propositions on global governance, security, development,justice Women's Courtland Sutton Jersey , interests and globalization which are aimed at promoting aglobal governance system that is fairer, more equitable, inclusiveand balanced. Since the 18th Party Congress, China has hosted the2014 APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in Beijing and the 2016 G20Summit in Hangzhou, and taken part in many major multilateraldiplomatic events. Through such active participation to help steerthe global governance process Women's Bradley Chubb Jersey , China has offered its vision andinput for reforming and improving the global governance system andestablishing a fairer and more equitable international order.

8. Exercising overall leadership by the Central Party Committeeover China's external work. General Secretary Xi Jinping hasstressed that the Party's role is central to running China'saffairs well. The leadership by the Communist Party of China isboth the defining feature and the biggest strength of socialismwith Chinese characteristics. What is more, such leadership enablesus to cope with internal and external challenges. Since the 18thParty Congress, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinpingat its core has exercised overall leadership over the conduct ofChina's external work. It has further enhanced the role of theCentral Foreign Affairs Leading Group and convened a meeting onneighborhood diplomacy and a central conference on work relating toforeign affairs to improve top-level design, strategic planning andcoordination on external affairs. It has adopted and improved majorregulations on foreign affairs management, advanced institutionalreforms on external work and coordinated efforts of variousdepartments and regions to form synergy. All these endeavors haveprovided powerful political support for us to overcome difficultiesand forge ahead in external work. (more)


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