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It��s very late to arrive at the hotel. The hotel is full of popular motorcycles. Even if it��s 711 times, we will give up eating out. The geckos outside the wall are sorry to be blinked by my flash Newport Carton Cigarettes, and we can��t tell the beauty of the night. I still look for it in my dreams! I am exhausted, the common problem of modern tourists, taking the time to buy, buy, buy, eat and eat, this can only be regarded as play, but not travel. I hope that tomorrow, a new day, I can afford to be a qualified traveler. After chatting with the group of friends on the moat, the night was quiet, and everyone agreed that it was the best policy to return home. I talked with friends of the same group along the way and found that I was smashed by the opportunity. Before the explosion in Bangkok, people��s hearts and minds, the price of travel instantly changed from the buyer��s market to the seller��s market. Still can't grasp the opportunity. However, if you come here, I will be satisfied if I can meet different scenery on the road and meet interesting and lovely people. This is the meaning of my travel. On the first day, we came to the elephant training camp and watched the elephant paintings, the performances of cycling, and the indescribable taste inside. The performances we spent on watching were very tasteful, especially when we learned that these elephants were private. I don't know how long it took for these acrobats who cheered for the visitors, how much damage they received. These so-called acrobatics should not be part of their lives. As a tourist, we simply have no right to spend money to watch these creatures dance with shackles, and their souls are tarnished by human desires Cheap Cigarettes Usa Free Shipping. I saw a black and white dog outside the elephant training camp. It didn't need tourists' money, but it was free to go wherever it wanted to go. I don't think about these unpleasant things. Since I came to the wild jungle, I chose the jungle zip line. We worked hard to follow the guides to climb halfway up the mountain and start a formal jungle zip line trip. Leaping between trees and trees, my adrenaline is soaring! Those ancient green trees are the guide of the mysterious kingdom. We are constantly swaying from the heights under the simple ropeway and the protection of the rope. At the foot of a gloomy jungle, the speed is so fast that I can't enjoy the creeks under the blue sky. In the blink of an eye, I can't see the elephants. The elephants are working hard to sneak through the crystal clear streams and tourists. Choose to spend money next to the circle to feed the elephant. All the way went smoothly, I challenged my fear of high altitude. After a smooth landing, there was still a short walk down the mountain road, but I was still strong and my legs went back to the flat road. In the afternoon, after all, with the group tour, the time schedule is really not squeezed. After rushing to enjoy the Hua Gong Temple, the tour guide took us to Ningman Road. This road is dotted with flowers and plants. Local people rarely appear. Most European and American tourists drink tea and coffee in and out of the exquisite shop. Time is still, just meditation. Iberry's ice cream is occupied by the Chinese people, and there are not many features. Increasingly, the west is slanting, and the dinner time is coming. Our group of people has also moved to the position. As a serious girl, I seriously eat, dinner, dance, and take pictures. The women dancing at the court banquet were Chinese, and the young men on the side of the stage played very hard and they were very happy. Instead, they saw an inconvenient person after eating. Thailand is banned from gambling, and its own mind is clear and clear, without the confusion of others. After entering the night, I finally found the nearest 711. I bought a drink and it was a very small night market. Five people in the same trade, a trip to Hu to eat, Rambutan looks like killing Matt sea urchin, a red hair, peeling off the shell, inside is crystal clear and peeling like the lychee long round flesh. There is also an uninformed fruit. The boss has been swearing in Thai for a long time, we still don't know. I met the cosmetics store and tried my best to ask the boss if there was any medicine. After entering the store, I felt that I could compare with the lotus pond export. But everyone looked at the foreign country, so they all thought that it had a taste in mind. I still reasonably found the things of Eryao. Eryao said that cough medicine is very spiritual Cheap Cigarettes Wholesale, so I can prepare myself. The Thai girl in the clinic is very gentle. Everyone uses the dictionary and the lame English to communicate hard, and finally succeeded in buying the medicines they need. The next morning, I didn't adjust the time difference. As a result, I got up at five o'clock with my peers. At six o'clock, I was scared when I was eating at the restaurant. Because there were no other people in the restaurant. The last discovery was that we had an early morning for ourselves. Departing to the White Temple to see the great Buddhist temple art, I really lamented when I was actually there. It is worthy of being a country of Buddhism. Even the toilets of the White Temple are golden and magnificent. In the afternoon, there was nothing to do. The tour guide wanted to mobilize the whole group to take a small line to go to the Golden Triangle. It was also on the border of the Mekong River. Those who liked to show off the number of places they had visited had raised their hands and gestured. When I arrived at the hotel, the tour guide refunded us the cost of dinner. My friend and I stayed at the lakeside hotel for a sumptuous dinner. We were ordered by the lake, and the waiter told me that it was going to rain. So, just the good Tom Yum Kung soup, seafood platter and other unnamed foods were quickly and carefully transferred to the indoor dining table. No one is there, we happily eat exotic food, look at the lake and circle, and my heart is full of joy. After the dinner, the tourists who took the cruise ship came back. One or two places were secretly complaining about burning money and being bored. On the third day, I went to climb Shuanglong Mountain. The mountain is full of golden Buddha, the incense is strong, and the pagoda relics, I don��t quite understand. I am excited to stand in the open area overlooking the urban area. The sky curtain in the distance is like a Buddha in the summer sun, bathing in the sunshine of happiness. Turning around and no longer staying, the grassy road meets a pure black dog, leans over and takes pictures, it lazily basks in the sun, regardless of the world. When I went down the mountain, I walked through the long ladder surrounded by Ssangyong. An artist was playing the sweetness of Teresa Teng, and I sang with a sense of enthusiasm. With a brother, the man smiled and did not care that no one would appreciate it. Banknotes, he saw me singing, guitar music is more beautiful, the sweetness of Thai and Chinese chorus is also novel. At the end of the song, I smiled and said goodbye. It was also my luck to be able to calm down and find interesting people on the road. At night, I tried a thousand hot pots in Thailand. The northeastern man in the left half sang very sly, full of two people turning the wind, no longer the same Teng Lijun. When it was our turn to play at home, no one wanted to sing on the stage. Everyone had a good time at the stage. The pineapple rice and mango rice were exhausted by our team. After dinner, the group of people planned to take a double-row car to go to the waluluo night market. We excitedly bargained at the entrance of the hotel. The waiter smiled and said that you can't sit in a car for 13 people! You have to split the two roads Newport 100'S Cigarettes. After getting on the bus, a group of people are happy to forget. I didn't remember to set the dragon gate array, got off the bus, and 6 people gave the driver 120 baht. The driver first looked confused than a 15 gesture, then grinned and said goodbye. When passing us, it showed the next time Newport Cigarette Cartons. Expressions! Amount, when we repent, we should be tipping. Going all the way to see, fat big brother bought a longan, everyone eats and picks up the residue. On the way back, we walked to the Lotus Supermarket in Yichu, and actually saw the imported domestic film "Four Famous Names"! All the way, blocking a pair of innocent young people at the bridge, it is hard not to let people cross the road, the second round of the road, no Right no left=go straight Finally, I understand Thailand English. Asking the driver of the rest, two kilometers, first crossroad turn left is really amazing. The silence of the road at 9:00 in Chiang Mai still gives us the pleasure of discovering the treasure. It is just asking the road Thai horse to kill the chicken boss. She has a smooth English and invites us to enter the house to rest and drink, so that we can be warmed by her. move. I voted for peach, and reported it to the ceremony. Princess Shura and her one-year-old sister enjoyed the horse killing. I enjoyed the wi-fi with my friend of the one-year-old sister. I looked at the boss��s shop politely and found a lot of fun on the wall. The photo, in addition to the decorative paintings, is the priest cat, elephant, king's object! After the massage is over, the boss still comes with ice water, and then the courtesy chat is out of control, from the boss's son to the Thai, from The journey saw that Princess and Shura were touting each other too young, until we found out that it was too late for us to leave. There will always be unexpected surprises when I wander around the streets of foreign countries! On the fourth day, I wake up in the morning to brush up the circle of friends and find that my aunt��s picture is the same as me, so I am happy to ask if she also came to Thailand, and the aunt said with great sadness. It��s a mistake, it��s only in the afternoon, so the diagram of stealing me in advance means that I can��t resist the excitement. It��s hard to get to the afternoon, looking forward to meeting my loved ones. I took the map all the way and went to the night market along the old city wall. Under the gate of the city of Tape, we successfully went to the division. I was very excited to see my younger brother Wang Cai. When I took him, I started our trip to Thailand. In the pharmacy to buy medicine, play the English advantage, the result of the clerk directly on the map, bought a mosquito repellent, also sent points, and then eggs. All the way to the night market, our children are okay, all the way to the new hotel, goods, architecture, we just remember with the heart, the adults will be another matter, the self-timer sticks out, puts a kind of shape, under the flash, time passes, the gap zoom out. On the way back, I met fellow group members who were going out to go to the bar. We immediately got off the bus, joined the big army, and entered the lively bar together. On the right hand side are Thai men and women. Seeing our seat, it is very clear that we are coming. We immediately talked in English. It turned out that the other side was a college student. Everyone exchanged views on tourism and so on. They played happily and went to leave. We also took a photo of Zhang Da��s photo together for a short time, but I was fortunate enough to meet the best group members. Although everyone��s age is a mystery and personal relationship is very cute, everyone��s mentality is very young and they are playing together. Suo, take a double car to go to the night market, walk together and ask the road horse to kill the chicken, cut the bar together, take a variety of photos with the little princess, hahaha, unforgettable memories! I want to go out and have fun together!
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