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Li Qiu had already passed early, the thick hair of the woods, like the old man who worshipped the top, smudged a little variegated. After a fall of the field, I rushed to let the season fade away. The air is brewing a fermented taste of the leaves, without the fragrance of the past. The air is a bit damp Newport Short Cigareetes, like the season of chaos, and the dressing points can't distinguish between summer and autumn. Since you are here, you will accept it! Fortunately, the four seasons are rotated, gone, and come back next year. Learn to turn nostalgia into expectations, I believe it is only a whirlpool of years. Want it to roll the waves, shouting, slap the sand bed. In the end, I left some things and took away some things. It doesn't matter if you let go, it will gradually pass away. What you hold is actually a phantom. What you remember, it will be quiet and thick, and what you buried is just sadness. If you are in love, it will slowly brew, and you will not let go. No matter how many years have passed, how many memories will make you feel happy, how many days and nights will make you pray and will pass. Really, it will slowly pass, but some are painful, some are beautiful, entangled together, accompanying you through every sleepless night, when the first rays of the sun hit the face, you see unparalleled The beauty is beautiful, there are mountains, there are scenery in the distance, there are beautiful encounters, everything is fine. When you open the empty heart of the refrigerator facing each other, what you think of is that you can put whatever you want, whatever you want, eat, drink, and smile. When the sunset is still waiting for the last sleep in the afternoon, you no longer keep your parting, come, go, calmly look at how much sentiment, broke the red dust road, willing to finally arrive, make a Morning dew grass. It��s the four wild trees, and my heart is not moving. Because I believe in myself, I am unique. The wind leaves my leaves, and the rain floods my body. I am still me. I am rooted, my heart is facing the sun, is it sunny? Is it gray? If the flowers bloom from beginning to end, do not know how to cover up the inner sadness Marlboro 100S Cartons Us, they can only walk, watch, live, perhaps there is a wonderful story to ignite the dark and late autumn that has never been lit, can imagine the last few The remains of the leaves in the cold wind, although blowing and blowing the remaining branches, it bent down and set up under the blue sky Carton Sale On Newports, the next year is different from the green. How do these short-lived years search for the wilderness in the heart, empty, full, and now empty. Full, empty, and certainly full, so wait for this fall, perhaps in this fall, slowly precipitate, slowly forget, slowly let go of everything is the original appearance, just lost yourself inadvertently . Everything was the original heart, but I was accidentally dusted with a layer of fine sand. It turned out to be beautiful Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes, but it didn't wait until the right time to start growing Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online. Don't blame the season, blamelessly staying in the air, leaving the loneliness of the wind.
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