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When I came back from the remedial class and walked to the lawn not far from home Online Cigarettes, I suddenly heard a "beep" sound. I didn't pay attention to the lawn. When I heard the sound, the alertness began to improve. I looked around carefully. The focus of the eye is fixed on the yellow weeds. A bird resembling a woodpecker is very focused on its pointed, long-mouthed mouth! I slowly approached it, it seemed to be afraid, spread its wings and stepped back. A few steps, I gradually saw its "Shanshan real face. It has a hay-colored dress. No wonder I didn't find it when I passed by! It has a long mouth and is a little longer than my middle finger; double The middle of the winged feather looks like a black mark on the seal; the tail is not as short as a sparrow, a long bundle of feathers covering its buttocks; its chest is furry and swells like an artificial hair. Spiritual multiplication; especially strange, its head is actually a laurel with the size of a small fan! This is the god of the gods. I am standing in front of the bird quietly, it is still catching the snacks, it seems that it is hungry. It��s not light~~~ I��m only seeing it��s rapid smashing ground. I didn��t see what it had eaten, its throat was doing repeated and repeated movements, up and down, up and down... I��m quietly taking a big step forward, it��s not as scary as I��ve been. I only care about the land, as if I was an air, as if it did not notice that I was on the side of it, and there was a small pit on the land that was smashed by its big writer. It seemed like someone was riding a bicycle. It doesn't seem to be there anyway. Anyway, something is scaring it. It continually twists and slams toward the wall. The crown on the head trembles and shakes. Its head is also covered with small dots and white. There is black, there is brown, I didn't move any more, just staring at it quietly Carton Of Cigarettes. Whenever I looked up at me inadvertently, I just smiled. I gradually approached it again. I can reach it with me. Touching it, it looked up at me, my friendly smile, it didn't hide far from being afraid of me, as if I didn't mean to hurt it, I flew to the top of my head. Circle, I was amazed at the move. I was fixed there. When I came back, it was already gone mokingusacigarettes.com. It seemed to be after dinner. The movement, walking gracefully on the grass, and walking slowly. I walked to it and walked side by side with it Wholesale Cigarettes. It didn't look up at me, and didn't back down, just quietly with me. Walking in the sky, it was darkened unconsciously. It shook its wings. I thought it should go. It didn��t look at me at the moment of flying, but I kept staring at it and flying to the distance. It never looked back. It seems that we don��t know it at all. I don��t know each other. It may have its own meaning. I can��t understand it. I look at it. In the dark, it gradually becomes a little black spot. It disappeared from my sight. This is the only intimate contact between me and a bird. I touched their unique inner world. At this time, I thought of a word: trust, often creating a beautiful realm Newport Cigarettes. Although, I still can't decide which kind of bird you are up to now, but there is a wonderful realm of people and animals between us.
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