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Speaking of the hometown of my hometown, although I have already faced everything, I can��t help but want to see more. I have returned to my home in a few dreams, and the past is vivid. My childhood was spent in my home. It is said that it is an "old house". In fact, it has been nearly a hundred years from construction to demolition. The old house is just a typical form of building in the north of the courtyard, civil structure. The doorway is the three large tile houses we call the concierge. The wood was quite good at the time, strong and strong. The door is not very big. It seems to be inconsistent with the word of the gate today. The two wooden doors are only one or two meters wide, which is heavy and strong. On the left side of the entrance door is a small house separated by adobe. The upper part is covered with a thick shed, and then covered with straw. The mud is smeared tightly (insulation). We call it the ceiling. Stacking debris, we call it the building. On the outer wall, there is a small window with two feet and a square. Underneath the ceiling is a small bandit mokingusacigarettes.com. When I remembered it, my grandfather lived there. My grandfather and I often lived together. On the right is a sandstone trough with a length of about three meters. After several vicissitudes of life, it has been reused and reused. The corner is leaning against a wheelbarrow, which is used to push the earthenen mat. The manure in the cow's circle is cleaned up. There are two rooms in the opposite side of the room. They are used to live in people. The old lattice wooden windows are white Marlboro Gold. Strict and solid, there are two wooden sashes inside. Some people open the light during the day, close it at night, and close it with the wooden door, which can't be pushed from the outside. In the middle of the wing is the courtyard, which is about one foot deep with thick and heavy bluestone slabs for drainage during the rainy season. Then there is a three-story tile house Parliament Cigarettes, which we call the hall, which is used to receive guests. It is enough for the craftsmanship and the materials to be used. The beam is thick and thick, and the wood is all superior. The beam is placed under the beam and has a straight wooden board. It can have patterns and patterns.�� is a neat piece of processing, one and one. The round pillars that were treated were smashed on the carefully crafted bluestones, and the big house was picked up. The roof is a well-burned tile and ridge with a considerable level of craftsmanship. On the inside of the hall, there are two round pillars sandwiching a adobe wall. The wall has the long-standing character of Chairman Mao, the great leader, and a radiant portrait of a great man. The wall acts like today's screen, and a large table should be placed against the wall. I can't see the big table since I remembered it. There are some brick-cut decorations on the roof, and the tails are installed at both ends of the ridges to show that the waves can cause rain and smother the smoldering fire. Before the sloping ridges, the "money beasts" are installed and installed on the ridges. With the "set of beasts" such as dragons, phoenixes, lions, Tianma, hippocampus, pheasant, toothfish, crickets, crickets, etc., before the group of sculptures, the image of immortals with Fengshen fluttering is installed. "This kind of immortal is in front, and the subsequent cultural conception of the beasts not only reflects the Taoist immortal thoughts that infiltrate Confucianism and Buddhism, but also reflects the cultural implication of "fire prevention" and "fire reduction" with people leading the gods, and also Make the bulky big roof look more interesting and become a light and lively image. Underneath each wall of the house, there are beautiful embossed stonewo
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